Strides of March

Pete's Writing

The Strides of March

2023 France
From an aeroplane The World disappears below you. When walking it opens out before you and you can take in its breathtaking beauty in the detail it deserves.
Michael Palin
2022 Germany
2021 Denmark
2020 Lockdown
2019 Danube
2018 Denmark
2017 Italy
2016 Sweden
2015 France
2014 England
2013 Wales
2012 Netherlands
2011 England
2010 Czech Rep.
2009 Germany
2008 Scotland
2007 England
2006 Spain
2005 Norway
2004 Luxemburg
2003 Ireland
2002 England
2001 Germany

Pete wrote his first web page by hand in a text editor, before the internet was out of nappies. Times have moved on, but Pete hasn't. This web page was written by hand in a text editor.
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