2018 Toyota Avensis 1.8 TS MDS Active+

The story of how we finally ditched the other monster, absorbing a huge financial hit on the way, is now, tak och lov, in the past. In ecstacy I can now go to a proper Toyota dealer and buy the car I really wanted all along. A 2 year old, single owner Toyota Avensis.

This is the beast, remember, that tops all of the reviews for driving position, passenger comfort, back seat room, cruising speed, boot space, simplicity of layout, safety and reliability. Most reviewers then give it a low mark because it lacks, apparently, zoom, pizzaz, oomph, and other made-up words. That's fine by me, let other pay big bucks for cars that have these things and are inconvenient, unsafe and uncomfortable. I am quite happy.

Not much to report 6 months in, really. It has been just fine.