2016 Volvo XC90

Well, its huge. No messing here, no compromise. This is just the biggest thing on the market. We plan to have lots of guests, and to ferry them around in packs if possible, and this is the car to do it. This is the one that fits 7 people, and have some of them in bulky carseats, and at least one rear facing, and have actual adults and not munchkins in the backseats, and carry their luggage from the airport as well. It does it all.

The spanking new XC90 is a joy to behold for all involved, except your Bank Manager. So this is a 5 year old version. Normally this is just the kind of car I like, but this was bought in a hurry when we first arrived and unfortunately it is not the beautifully, just nicely worn in, version of a 5 year old car that I prefer. It is worn, has a bit of a history, has stained interior in the back, and creaks and groans a bit. It is also 2WD and has terrible mpg, which seems to be worst of both worlds. So it is taking a bit longer to really warm itself to me, but I guess it will get there in the end.

It is still huge though. I bought a kitchen worksurface that was 3080 x 600mm, and it fitted in with room to spare. With back seats down you can play a game of squash in the back. Mostly I do the school run with it, thus falling victim to every cliche known to a new man.

If you want to take home a 3m long kitchen worksurface....
.... get a proper car!