2015 Skoda Superb Estate

My first automatic car. I knew, within days if not hours, that I shall never drive a manual again. Why bother when autos are as smooth and soft as this?

Skoda Superb lives up to its name. The car loved by so many Which? magazine subscribers. Other cars win categories for fastest acceleration; biggest colour range; loudest engine and brightest headlights. This one simply scores highest in owner satisfaction year after year. Big and comfortable and smooth and remarkably quiet and well set out. I have heard several stories of company garages which have Mercedes and BMW's, but everyone is secretly pleased when the Skoda Superb turns up, because it is so smooth and comfortable.

My 1.8 petrol is all of these things, and actually has a decent response to accelerator if needed also. I really like the car and have had great fun driving it, although for some reason I still hanker back to the Toyota Avensis, which might be my favourite car of all. Not sure why when I cannot put any finger on anything not right with this. Fantastic to be able to sit and dither here between two such fantastic models.